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Food Should Taste Good

Eat what you love and love what you eat.  Eating should be a satisfying and enjoyable experience.  Life is too short to eat foods you don’t like or follow rigid diet plans.

Health Isn’t About a Number

Bodies come in all shape and sizes. I’m here to help you focus on healthy lifestyle habits that are within your control. I’ll help you become your healthiest self at a size that’s right for you.

Eating Should be Simple

You don’t have to follow a complicated diet plan to be healthy.   Getting a balanced intake of nutrients can and should be simple. If food has gotten complicated for you, I will teach you how to make eating simple again.

Focus on the Positive

Focus on foods that are rich in nutrients and find ways to incorporate those foods into what you eat.  Don’t focus on restrictive eating and cutting out things that you feel like you “shouldn’t” have.  There are no good or bad foods.  Some foods do have more health benefits than others, and you can reap the health benefits by focusing on those foods.

We are Born Intuitive Eaters

We are all born with the innate ability to eat in a way that meets our needs.  If you offer a toddler a variety of foods, over the course of a week he or she will naturally consume a balanced intake of food.  However, as we get older and rules and restrictions (such as dieting) are placed around food, we lose the innate intuitive eater inside of us.  We can reawaken our intuitive eater by letting go of rules and restrictions and tuning into our bodies.

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