How I Went from a “Traditional” Dietitian to an Intuitive Eating Dietitian

Auvia Logan, Registered Dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

I love cooking, eating, and talking about food, so naturally I pursued a career as a dietitian. At first, I used “traditional” meal planning, macronutrient counting, and calorie counting with my clients.  And those plans worked in the beginning.  The first couple months my clients would be able to stick to their diets, but inevitably, something would happen that would make it too hard for a client to stick to their diet.   Maybe their mother brought over a cheesecake for their birthday, and they ate the whole thing.  Or maybe they didn’t follow the diet on their vacation. Or something stressful came up in their lives and it became too difficult to keep up with the diet.  My clients came back feeling very frustrated, but they never blamed the diets.  They always blamed themselves.

After seeing this again and again, I knew diets weren’t working.  That’s when I did some research and found Intuitive Eating.  I realized that I didn’t count my own calories or macros or follow a strict meal plan, so why would I expect my clients to?  When I started using the Intuitive Eating approach amazing things started happening.  My clients were able to eat a balance of food without counting calories or macros.  They started learning to find ways to cope with emotions without food.  They said that they could finally eat the foods they loved without feeling out of control.  When a client learns to be an intuitive eater, they often say, “I wish I had learned this sooner.  It could have saved me years of frustration.”

I want to help you become an Intuitive Eater and save you from the disappointment and frustration of dieting.  Are you ready to get started? I conduct sessions both virtually via my secure telehealth platform and in person at my Springfield, MO office.

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Auvia Logan, RD, LD

Bachelor of Science in Dietetics - Missouri State University - 2010

Dietetic Internship - University of Houston - 2012

Southwest Missouri Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics - President Elect (2015-2016), President (2016-2017), Past President (2017-2018)

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