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Are you tired of worrying about what you should eat?

Do you feel sick of following food rules, but feel guilty when you break them?

Are you afraid that if you give yourself permission to eat what you want your eating will be out of control?

Are you fed up with dieting and the “wellness” industry? If you are, well guess what? I’m fed up with it too!

Hi, I’m Auvia Logan, certified intuitive eating counselor and registered dietitian. Now, when you hear “dietitian,” you probably think of someone who’s going to put you on a diet and tell you what to eat, but I’m not your ordinary dietitian. I’m not here to put you on another dreaded diet. Yuck! I’m here to set you free from dieting and help you make peace with food. I’m here to help you claim the happy and healthy life you deserve without living under the oppression of dieting.

Now you might ask, “But don’t I need to be on a diet? How else am I going to get healthy?” I’ve heard that a lot, and that’s what the diet industry wants you to believe. But the diet industry is keeping you trapped and preventing you from finding true health and happiness. My clients come to me feeling stressed, anxious, and confused about what to eat. Many have been on and off diets for most of their lives, and sadly, many blame themselves when their diets don’t work. The fact is, diets have been scientifically proven to fail by lowering metabolism and increasing preoccupation with food. You haven’t failed. Dieting has failed you!!! Repeat that until it sinks in. I’m here to help you get off the roller coaster of dieting once and for all. And don’t worry, when you learn to let go of your food rules, your eating habits will actually get better and you’ll feel more in control around food.

Imagine if you could:

  • feel confident in your body

  • feel calm and in control around food

  • eat what you love without guilt or regret

  • cope with your feelings without turning to food

  • and never diet again.

This Could be You!

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Auvia Logan, Registered Dietitian, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

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